Sports Management & Consulting

What does it mean to have a successful sports franchise or sporting event? The answer to that happens long before the team plays or the event begins. You have to know and understand what key strategies and solutions will help you reach your goal.

As avid sports and fitness participant as well as fan, Dipo Akin-Deko holds a degree in Sports and Leisure Management with practical experience working with the Memphis Redbirds, The SEC Tournament, the University of Memphis Athletic Department, the AXA Liberty Bowl, the Mason YMCA and The Southern Heritage Classic. Dipo has supplemented his Sports Management knowledge with over ten years of business and legal experience on management, employment, media and dispute resolution matters. He brings practical and clinical understanding in several sports related areas including but not limited:

Akin-Deko Professionals provides to businesses, local governments and individuals. Our services include:

  • Community Partnership with local sports entities
  • Event branding
  • Facility liability
  • Likeness, trademark and usage agreements
  • Exclusivity and endorsement negotiations
Local Government
  • Sports and business economic impact studies
  • Event Management and utilization
  • Premise and facility liability
  • Athlete representation, agency, sponsorship, promotion, social media and endorsement ventures
  • Sports related event management matters including venue partnerships, naming rights and other intellectual property issues;
  • Brand Protection and enforcement issues;
  • Litigation, arbitrations, and collective bargaining cases
  • Sports related financial transactions.
Sports and legal consultant on matters including but not limited to sports business, representation, economic impact, sports financial transaction, and 21st century image, likeness and usage of athletes.

If you are an athlete, sports organization, or local government, you can rely on Akin-Deko Professionals to guide you through you.